A Glass & Door Company With 10+ Years of Experience

About Us

Jeremy Cochran is a Licensed Michigan Residential Builder with 10+ years experience as a Fabricator, Lead Installer and Project Manager for a large West Michigan Glass and Glazing Company. He specialized in Commercial Division.

Our Pledge

Cochran Glass and Door, LLC. guarantees all work performed.

We provide our customers with a level of quality products and service that exceeds their expectations. We accomplish this by being genuinely concerned about our customers’ needs, giving them value and by doing the job right.

Competitive Edge

Cochran Glass and Door’s competitive edge in this business is superior knowledge of this industry and our ability to surprise customers with expert precision installation. Unlike larger companies where dollars sometimes come before the needs of customers, Cochran Glass and Door LLC builds business on satisfied clients. By building a business based on long-standing relationships with these clients, we simultaneously build defenses against competition.

We Serve the SouthWest Michigan Area